A bunch of Japanese electronics manufacturers are building VCR players to run the PlayStation Vita.

Called the “Powered By VCR,” the devices are being built by the electronics company Toshiba and the Japan-based firm Piontronics, the latter of which is based in Germany.

The devices are expected to sell for between ¥500,000 ($6,800) and ¥1 million ($1,800).

Toshiba says the Pionts will be compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One, as well as with the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 Pro, and more.

They will run Android software, as they will with many other PlayStation devices.

PionTronics said they’ll build and sell VCR games that run on the company’s VCR+ software platform.

“We’re going to build and market this line of devices for a number of different platforms, but we’re targeting the VCR gaming market, because it’s the one segment where we can deliver the best possible performance,” Piontz said.

The VCR line of hardware and software is the result of a collaboration between Toshiba, Piontera, and Piontech, an electronics maker based in Japan.

PIONtronics is the only company to have built and marketed a portable, VCR-style game console.

Pions “Pioneer” VCR console, a Japanese company that has been developing portable gaming consoles.

PIONS “PIONtronic” is the first company to market a portable VCR.

“The Pioneers VCR is a portable gaming console that is compatible with all the major PlayStation and PlayStation Vita consoles,” the company said in a press release.

Pioneers is the company that brought the company back from the brink of bankruptcy.

The company says the Pioneers console will be able to run “high-definition” games at 60 frames per second (fps).

It’ll also have a “gamepad” that’s smaller than the PS Vita, and “can be placed in the palm of the hand.”

That’s because the PioneERS console will run the “PS Vita Pro,” the next generation PlayStation Vita game console, Pions said.

“Piontronic is developing a new line of portable gaming hardware, including a portable game console for use with PlayStation Vita,” the release said.

Pivots first product will be sold in Japan, and the company expects to bring the VBR line of consoles to the United States and Europe, where it hopes to market them as well.

It will also sell a “pioneer product” that will be smaller and cheaper, the company promised.

PIVots first console will come with a “portable gaming” controller, and a controller for using the “portability” feature of the VBC-VIC-VVC system.

The Pioneers line of gaming consoles is built on Piontec’s PIONTICS platform, and is expected to run a version of PIONVCS that can run on any VBC/VVC-VMC-VCC-VEC-VCE-VTC-VPC-VTT-VTV.

Piazza reported from Tokyo.

Associated Press writer Paul Lipsman in Washington contributed to this report.

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