By: Anand Krishnan | Updated: 10:17PM EDT, 11 September 2018 09:03:48Milwaukee-based beauty brand, Essence, is making its brand identity more focused on the kids line, the company announced on Tuesday.

The brand will be launching the line’s latest product line for boys, the Essential Beauty Collection, in the fall of 2019.

Essence is targeting younger consumers in the US and Canada.

The Essential Beauty Line includes two lines, Essential Skin & Soul and Essential Beauty: The Complete Collection.

Essential Beauty: the Complete Collection includes a line of skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

Essentials Skin & Souls, a line that will be launched next year, is aimed at younger women and includes a collection of hair care products, a moisturizer, and a face mask.

Essentially, the Essentials Collection line has a range of skinnies, moisturizers, and cosmetics, as well as hair care, facial, and skincamp, which includes a range for men.

The company is launching a new line of products that will have a range to fit every taste and occasion.

Essences product line is expected to hit stores in the summer of 2019, and the company says that there will be more products in the Essential line in the near future.

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