Ryobi products are sold in different ways by the manufacturers. 

The Pen Production line is one of them.

There are two kinds of Ryobi pens available, the Pen Production and Pen-Made line. 

You can see that the Pen-Produced pens are made with a plastic filament and are not as durable as the Ryobi Pro pens. 

Pen-Made pens have a higher pen-tension rating. 

For instance, the Ryosubo Pro 5D is rated at 15,000 pressure points. 

This means that it will last up to 3,000 hours when used for a long period of time. 

But there are some pen manufacturers who are also willing to sell the Pen Produced pens in the Ryobio line.

The Pen-produced Ryobi pen is also sold in a small number of Ryobius pen shops.

However, I have seen a couple of pen shops which sell Ryobios pens.

For example, a shop in the middle of the city of Izumi in Shizuoka is known as the Pen Factory and sells pens made with the Ryobos Pen-made pens.

Another Ryobia shop I visited was in the suburb of Fukuoka. 

There is a Ryobi store in the town centre, and the Ryobo store is in the street on the main street.

Both of these shops are selling Ryobium pens, but the Ryoubio shop is selling a higher-quality Ryobi Pen- produced Ryobi fountain pen. 

I bought a Ryobi Pen- Produced Ryobi Fountain Pen with a high-quality pen-grade ink. 

It was a pen that had a good amount of ink on it and was also able to hold the pen for a while before it broke. 

My purchase of the pen was a nice touch, and I am sure that it is well worth the extra money for the Ryoba Pen-producer pen.

The Ryobi Pens are sold for around 1,000 yen (US$1.25) and are available for purchase at the following places: Miyabi Shizuokan, Shizuoyama City, Fukuoshima, Fukuchino, Miyabi-cho, Miyabe-cho and Odaiba. 

(If you live outside of Japan, you can buy Ryobi from retailers around the world. 

In my opinion, the prices for Ryobi are comparable to Japanese brands. 

If you need to buy Ryobias, please see my previous article on Japanese pens.) 

(Source: Ryobi)

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