Zinc Supermarket: $3.99/litre (price is subject to change) source Business Insider (UK) (click image to enlarge) The Zinc brand is a UK supermarket, the country’s first supermarket to be owned by the British Government.

It has a reputation for being a wholesome supermarket with plenty of fresh produce and the food comes from a variety of suppliers including the Zinc Corporation, which owns its own supply chain. 

The brand is popular with locals and tourists alike and it is also widely known for its products. 

But there’s more to Zinc than its products and its famous celebrity product lines. 

In 2017, the brand won a Guinness World Record for most famous brand of the year with its popular “Zinc” shampoo, and it was also voted Best Supermarket in 2017 by consumers. 

Zinc Supermarkets has also been voted one of the top five brands of the past decade by Consumer Reports magazine and is ranked as one of The Top 5 UK Supermarkets. 


Stirrup (Supermarket brand): $1.99  (price subject to price change) source BusinessInsider (US) 9

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