Posted September 14, 2018 10:23:53At 9.7mm thin, the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest phone on the market, and it’s going to be one of the most popular.

That’s why Apple is targeting it with a $1,000 price tag, $999 in the US, and $1 and up in Canada.

It’s not just a new model, but also the first iPhone with a larger display.

That means the iPhone 8, the company’s biggest and most expensive iPhone to date, is also a $999 phone.

Apple has released a few videos about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in advance of its release in the U.S.

The iPhone 7, the most powerful iPhone ever, is now available for preorder on Apple’s website.

The product line is currently the same as that of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus, but there are some major differences, including a higher-resolution display and a slightly larger battery.

Apple’s marketing materials show the phone’s specs include a 4.7-inch 1080p OLED screen, an 8MP front-facing camera, a 13MP rear camera, and a 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution display.

It also includes an Apple Pay card reader, a microSD card slot, and an Apple Watch band.

It will also come with an Apple Music subscription.

The phone has a 5.7 megapixel front-facing camera, while the rear camera is an 8 megapixel sensor with optical image stabilization.

The iPhone 7 features an 8.3-inch Super Retina display, with a 1080p resolution.

The screen is a 13.3:1 aspect ratio with a 0.3mm pixel thickness, and the phone has 5MP front and 4MP rear cameras.

The phone’s rear camera has an f/2.2 aperture.

The phones battery will be 2,500mAh, and you can expect it to be able to last for up to eight days on a single charge.

The new iPhones are available in 16GB and 32GB versions, with 128GB and 256GB options available for $999 and $2,999.

You can get the 32GB iPhone 7 with 128Gb of storage for $1.29 million.

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