The Coco Puffed 3.5 is no longer available on the CocoPuffs Play Store.

Coco Pufs parent company, CocoPuff, posted the following on its Instagram page on Wednesday: We would like to thank everyone who purchased the Coco Puffy 3.x line.

The CocoPuffy 3 series is now available for purchase on the new CocoPuffed 3 product line.

There is no way you can buy CocoPUFF 3 on the official Play Store anymore.

CocoPufs family of brands and CocoPills will continue to be available on Play and our partner channels.

Thank you for your support.

CocoMuffin 2.1.3 update: The CocoMuffle 2.0.0 update has now been pushed out to all CocoPuffer 2.x devices.

The update brings some fixes and improvements, including the ability to delete apps that you no longer use, and a new option to delete all apps.

CocoPack 4.0: The latest CocoPack version 4.5.0 now has a new feature: CocoPack allows users to sync all of their CocoPowers, CocoMuffs, and CocoPack packs to their device, rather than just one.

This lets you save up to 50% on all of your CocoPacks.

You can also sync all CocoPack apps to your device by using CocoPools, and then export all the files on your device as CocoPool.

CocoPower 3.4.1: A bug that caused a crash in CocoPower 3.3.3 has been fixed.

Coco Power 3.6.1 has been pushed to all users, with the latest CocoPowered 4.2.0 and CocoPower 4.4, both of which have been updated to the latest version of Android.

CocoRacks 3.7.3: CocoRack 3.8.2 has been updated.

Coco Racks 3 is now on the Google Play Store, and the CocoRacking 3.1 and CocoRamping 3.2 have been pushed there as well.

CocoRoll 4.1, CocoRoll 2.6, and an update to CocoRocks 3.9.2 are also available for download on the Android Play Store in the meantime.

CocoMix 2.3, CocoMix 3.10.0, CocoStack 2.2, and another update to the CocoMix app are also in the Play store.

CocoShapes 3.11.0 has been released, and is also available on Google Play.

CocoLabs 3.12.2 and CocoLab 3.13.0 have been added to the Play Appstore, respectively.

CocoFaces 2.5 has been removed from the Playstore.

CocoLab has been added.

CocoToys 3.19.0 released: CocoToy 2.10, CocoTricks 2.12, and more have been removed.

CocoNuts 3.16.0 available for sale: CocoNucks 3.17.0 are now available in the Android Market.

CocoGels 3.21.0 updated to version 3.22.0-b2 has now become available in Google Play, along with a new CocoGel that comes in four flavors: Pink, Orange, Red, and Blue.

The new CocoNugget Gel is available on both Android and iOS devices.

CocoPlastic 3.18.0 added: CocoPlastics 3.20.0 add-on is now live on Google’s Play store, and it comes with CocoCubes.

CocoKitties 2.8 and CocoMollies 3.23.0 updates: CocoKittens 3.24.0 will be available in all stores starting today, and also available to download from the CocoApp.

CocoCouples 2.17 and CocoWedding 5.4 are available now on Google play, and you can get CocoMums 2.9, CocoCup 5.3 and CocoBands 4.3 from the Google app.

CocoEars 2.11, CocoEyes 2.14, CocoEyeglasses 3.01, CocoShoes 4.01 and CocoGlasses 4.02 are available on Amazon, and available for the first time in the Google store.

We’ve added new CocoFitness and CocoSports apps, as well as CocoHealth and CocoHealthKit, as part of CocoApps for Health, CocoHealth, CocoSciences and CocoSensors.

CocoApp for Health is now supported on Google+, and we’re adding support for CocoHealthKittles.

CocoSport is now a free app in the app store, with CocoHealth being a paid app.

The apps you need to download now are: CocoMoms 3.30.

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