PODCASTER: The Plexus Smart Box, a sleek, portable home theater that is the first smart home product to offer a 3D audio interface with built-in smart speakers, comes with two new features.

The first is the Plexus Cloud Station, a home automation platform that connects your home to your Plexus device through an app.

Plexus also announced it is developing a new smart remote, which will be available later this year.

In addition to Cloud Station and Remote, the new Plexos Plexus smart home accessories will include a Smart Hub, Smart Lighting and Smart Control Center.

The Plexos Smart Hub is a hub that connects the Plexi device to a connected Plexus wall outlet or a wall outlet that has a built-up outlet, and connects the Smart Home hub to a wall-mounted TV, which has a TV remote control.

Plexi also announced the Plexes Smart Lighting, a light-up light fixture that connects to the Plexa TV remote for lighting the room.

The Smart Control Room is a remote that plugs into the Plexis TV and connects to a Plexi Smart Home controller.

Plexos has also added a Plexos Cloud Station for connecting Plexi to its cloud-based cloud storage service.

Plexas Cloud Station also connects Plexi’s Smart Home to a local cloud server for storing content on the server, so you don’t have to pay for storage in the cloud.

PODCASE: Plexus’ new Smart Hub lets you connect Plexi or Plexa to your TV or projector through an on-screen menu, making it easier to stream content from your smart home.

Plexis Smart Hub connects Plexus to your television via HDMI, a technology that allows for HD and SD video streaming.

Plexs Smart Lighting is a light fixture for Plexi that connects directly to Plexi TV or a Plexa Smart Home.

Plexes Remote can be used to control Plexi from a phone or tablet.

You can connect your Plexi and Plexa devices to Plexus via the Plex Software for Android or iOS devices.

The app can also connect to Plex-powered TV tuners, so that you can connect an audio source, such as a sound bar or a projector, to your home theater system.

The apps also have a built in cloud service, Plex Cloud, that allows users to store and manage Plexi content.

You can also use Plex Cloud for Plexos own cloud service and Plex-branded content on a Plex-managed server.

For more information on Plexus, visit the company’s website.

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