The New ThinkPads are coming in two different versions: the entry-level ThinkPad 11 and the higher-end ThinkPad 13.

The 12-inch ThinkPad 12 with the 13-inch Retina display is still available, but the 13.3-inch model is priced at Rs. 4,999 (around $600), and the 13th-generation model costs a whopping Rs. 11,999 ($1,099).

The 13-incher in this line-up, the 13 (as the name implies) will have a 13-megapixel rear camera with the same resolution as the 12-inchers, and the same 4GB of RAM.

But unlike the 12, it won’t come with the Microsoft-designed Touch Cover, and that is a big deal.

Microsoft has released a new version of the Touch Cover that will let you flip the lid open, but it’s not available for purchase yet.

The new ThinkPad 14, on the other hand, will come with a Touch Cover as standard, and it will come in two variants.

The 13 and 15-inch models, with the 14 being the more expensive one, have a fingerprint scanner on the right edge of the screen.

This sensor, which Microsoft has been working on for years, has been improved by its Touch Cover technology.

And it is very similar to the fingerprint scanner in the current Surface Pro models.

It can detect your fingerprint, too.

But the fingerprint sensor is far more sensitive, as it can detect fingerprints even if you are sitting behind a person and don’t touch the screen at all.

The Surface Pro with its 13-micron rear camera and 3,840 x 1,440 pixels display has a sensor that is more sensitive.

Microsoft says that the new Touch Cover will be available in the third quarter of 2017, and will cost around $400.

It will be the first Microsoft product that has a fingerprint sensor, but a fingerprint reader is only a minor addition to the new 13- and 15 and 15.6-inch versions.

The ThinkPad 15.3 will also have a Touch Face Cover, which will be made from plastic.

Microsoft is also working on a new touch-friendly hinge that is said to be the thinnest and lightest hinge it has ever created.

We expect it to have a thickness of around 0.6mm.

The other major change is the new keyboard.

The main hinge on the new ThinkPADS has been redesigned, with two different angles for the two keys on the keyboard.

This is to allow for different configurations of users, so you don’t have to have one key that you use for typing.

The first iteration of the keyboard will have the full set of keys that are on the Surface Pro 11, but Microsoft is still working on the next iteration, which may have more keys.

This new keyboard has a slightly different design from the previous one, too, and has a thinner bezel and an overall lighter weight.

However, the new model is only available in India, and won’t be available outside the country for a while.

The keyboard is also different from the ThinkPad Pro, with a slightly smaller bezel on the top and a slightly thicker back that runs along the sides of the computer.

This thinner bezels will allow the keyboard to fit around your finger, while the thicker back helps it to grip the Surface Pen more easily.

The back of the ThinkPAD 14 is also thinner than the Pro version, but that has not changed the keyboard’s overall thickness.

Both the 15.1-inch and 15,6-inche models will also come with USB Type-C ports, and they will be slightly different.

The USB Type C ports on the 13 and 14 will be on the left side of the laptop, while on the 15-inchet, the right side is for the USB Type A port.

Microsoft will also include a 3G-accelerated Thunderbolt 3 port for faster data transfers and wireless data transfers, as well as the latest USB 3.0 port and an SD card reader for charging.

There are no details about the dimensions of the new laptop.

It is not the first time Microsoft has updated the Thinkpad lineup.

The company last updated the 13, and 16-inch, models with Intel processors last year, and also released a version of its ThinkPad X series in 2015.

There were no changes to the 13 or 16 models, as the new version is still called the 15X.

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