BMW has unveiled its new line of products for kids, which include a line of kids cars called “the BMW line.”

The new line is called “The BMW Line,” and it will be available for pre-order through December 10th.

The line will include a range of children-only vehicles, including a children’s-only car, a convertible and a sports car.

The cars come in three different body styles, and each will include the same basic styling and a few new features.

The first cars will come with a 7 Series coupe, a 718 Coupe, and a 728 Gran Coupe.

The latter three cars will have “bilingual” seating, which is a feature that lets parents choose from the various seating options available on the car.

The new line also comes with a range a different sports cars like the new BMW M3 and the M3 GT.

The new BMW line will be launched in two versions, one for children ages 3-12 and another for adults ages 18 and up.

The kids car will be offered as a standard model, with a starting price of $60,000, and the adults car will have an MSRP of $65,000.

The BMW line is also available with a new, more sophisticated package that will come in the form of the M4 GT, a car that is more of a hybrid.

The M4 will be sold as a regular model, and it has an MSR of $70,000 for adults and $75,000 as a family package.

The next model, the M5 GT, will have a higher MSR, and will cost $70.000 for the base model, $75.000 as an add-on, and $80,000 if you want to get the car with a six-speed manual transmission.

This car will also come with the option of a six speed manual transmission, and with its all-wheel drive system, the car can be driven on two wheels at speeds up to 70 mph.

The M5 will also get a six stage transmission, which will come as a bonus.

The car will get two-stage paddle shifters, and there are eight different color combinations for the seats.

The steering wheel has a variety of controls and can be rotated.

The pedals are also designed for four-wheel steering, with the standard version getting three-way control and the extended version getting four-way.

The driver’s seat will also be equipped with adjustable recline and a height adjustment for up to seven people.

The price of the BMW line ranges from $70 to $80 million, and as a premium, buyers will get a “Kids Edition” model, which has an even higher MSRP, and comes with all the same features as the standard model.

BMW will also offer an extended-range model that will have the same MSRP as the regular model.

The children’s version of the car will come equipped with a seven-speaker audio system, which features four speakers and six-speakers.

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