With the Mercedes brand in turmoil, the new-generation model, the CLS, has been pushed to the back burner.

It has been replaced by a new sports car, the CLA.

And the new CLA, as well as the CLA and CLS, will not be making its debut until 2019.

But it will be Mercedes-Benz’ most exciting car yet.

Mercedes is hoping the CLS will finally bring the brand to the forefront, and its designers and engineers are looking ahead to a future when the brand has a greater presence in the automotive industry. 

“It is important for us to show that we are at the top of our game and that we can produce something that is a true world-class brand,” said Jörg Haase, head of Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. 

“The CLS has always been our focus.

We know that we have to take advantage of the new technologies.

That’s why we chose the CLA, because it is an evolution of the existing model and, to be honest, a lot of people in the sports car industry have already started to adopt it. 

The CLA is the biggest evolution of its kind.

It will be our biggest evolution ever, but that’s a big challenge.”

The new car has a more aerodynamic shape than the previous model, but the new CLS is still based on the same chassis as the CLS.

That means the CLA will also feature a number of other changes that will improve the car’s aerodynamics.

It is also getting new bodywork that should make it easier to control.

The new CLA will be the most advanced sports car to make its debut in almost 20 years. 

“I am not sure if you have heard, but we are still in the development phase,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, chief executive of Mercedes, at a media event earlier this year.

“But, from a pure technical point of view, we are pretty confident that we will achieve the performance we want to achieve.” 

The new Mercedes-amg CLS will be available from 2019, but it will only be available in a limited number of models.

There are four models to choose from: the CLS-Class, CLS-Sport, CLS Coupe and CLS-R.

The CLS-CLASS has been designed to suit the car maker’s desire to build a sports car that is at the cutting edge of its industry.

This is partly due to the fact that it is the first sports car from Mercedes to be produced with a six-cylinder engine, as opposed to the standard four-cylinders.

The new engine, which is expected to deliver around 300 horsepower, will also be available on the CLA-Class. 

There are three different options available for the CLS: the coupe, which has the same front-wheel drive layout as the previous-generation CLA, the sporty CLA-R and the super-sleek CLA-S, which have been designed as sports cars with an even more powerful engine.

The coupe has an engine size of 5.0 litres, while the sport coupe will have a 4.7-litre engine. 

 The CLS is the fastest-selling car in the world.

It makes a lot more noise than its competitors and the car is designed to make as much noise as possible. 

A new cabin design and a new steering wheel have been developed for the CLA to make it more comfortable.

It also has a revised suspension that will allow the car to take better cornering angles and to give it more grip. 

This new design means the car will have an even wider and more comfortable seating position than the current model. 

Mercedes-AMP says the CLA has improved safety, thanks to its new four-wheel independent suspension.

The car has been redesigned for sport and comfort.

It now has a front axle-mounted airbag system, as standard on the other sports cars, and it has been fitted with new front and rear parking sensors that will give it better control in the event of a crash. 

With the new engine being the most powerful on the market, it should be able to take on some of the world’s fastest cars and even some of those from other manufacturers.

But Mercedes- AMG is looking at a range of competitors to challenge the CLA in the long run.

The company has already built a prototype of a road car that will be based on its new supercar.

The CLA is not the only car the company is working on.

It plans to produce a sports coupe based on an SUV. 

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