MILWAUKEE — There are two ways to get a condom made: from an American company, or from a local one.

And they are both going to cost you.

The first is to buy a quality product.

You can get condoms from any of the leading manufacturers in the world, but the key is to find a product that is manufactured in the United States.

“If you want a condom that will be as good as a brand name brand, it is a lot more expensive,” said Michael J. Mazer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who specializes in condom manufacturing.

Maser, who has studied the condom industry for 30 years, said that while it’s true that condom manufacturing has changed a lot over the years, it’s still the best way to produce the products that consumers are most likely to use.

“In the past, condom manufacturing was done by hand, by machine, by a large factory,” he said.

“But today, you can do the production in your home, and the production is done by a machine that does not have to be moved.”

The second method is to use a local company.

Mazer said the difference is that local condom makers are less likely to have to move their factories and that the workers are more likely to be unionized.

“The factory is much safer,” he explained.

“There’s less danger.

The workers are also much more skilled, and so they’re not working in unsafe conditions.”

The good news is that while the condom business has changed dramatically over the last two decades, there are still a lot of companies that produce condoms in the U.S. and make the condoms available to consumers.

But that doesn’t mean that the products will always be as great as the brands that make them.

Mazer said it’s important to look at a company’s profit margin, and not just the cost of making the product, before choosing a local condom producer.

“In the case of a local manufacturer, you might be better off with a more established company,” he added.

The company that makes your favorite brand of condom, he said, “can make a product much more expensive.”

The problem is that the price of a quality condom can go up over time.

“If you buy a condom at $1,000, it could go up to $5,000 by the time it’s 10 years old,” Mazer said.

The bottom line is that when you’re buying condoms, look for a product made in the states that you believe to be the best quality.

“This is a way to buy condoms,” he stressed.

“A lot of people do this.”

Mazer recommends that people who want to use condoms in a safe environment should look for condoms made in countries that have a high birth rate and a low HIV/AIDS rate.

These countries have a higher rate of condoms used for birth control and AIDS prevention.

“It’s really important to know that condom use is safe,” he concluded.

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