The past few years have seen a lot of video game trailers, but not much is made about how to get them to work in real life.

For many, it seems like they don’t need to, because of the sheer number of games available.

With that in mind, the video game industry is currently trying to get a handle on how to make trailers that will actually make a difference.

It’s a difficult job.

We spoke to the team behind the game trailers we love and how they plan to overcome this barrier in 2016.

“It’s a challenging job,” said Michael Lassiter, who works on the video games at Ubisoft Montreal.

“We work hard.

We spend hours on end and months on end.

And we have a lot to think about.”

Lasscer started at Ubisoft in 2011 as a designer, but has since moved on to becoming head of video production.

His current project is called Tango, a VR-enabled trailer.

He said the project is meant to showcase a certain type of game and is not meant to be a complete game trailer.

“I have to think a lot about what is important for the story,” Lasscher said.

“So, there’s the gameplay, the story.

Then there’s all the visual effects, like the characters, the world, the environment, the people.”

So what does this mean for the trailer?

For Lassetti, the goal is to create a trailer that can capture the essence of a game and show it in a way that’s accessible to the viewer.

“When I started working on this project, I had this idea of creating a trailer for a game that would showcase what it’s like to be in that world, and I wanted to try to capture the feel of the game and the feeling of the world,” Lasetti said.

“[But] we also have to have a certain amount of ambition.”

Ubisoft Montreal has made some great trailers over the years, including its popular Assassin’s Creed series.

But this is their first real attempt to make them work in reality.

Lassett said he was excited to see the trailer come together.

“We have the ability to take something that we’ve seen and put it into the context of the real world,” he said.

“For example, the opening is very traditional, and we use a lot from the film to create this new kind of tone and atmosphere.

And then we use this old-school sound and look to create that new, authentic feel.”

The first thing that comes to mind is a dark and foreboding setting, but Lassette said that was not the inspiration behind his idea for Tango.

Instead, it was the idea of the “barking dog,” a dog that plays an important role in the story of the series.

“The idea is that it’s a dog, but it’s also an assassin, a hunter, a bad guy.

The story of this game is about the dog.”

The trailer was made with the help of Lasset and Ubisoft Montreal’s audio team, which includes producers Chris Gebhardt, Christian Sorensen, and Yves Guinet.

Ubisoft Montreal hopes to eventually release Tango on the Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

You can see the first trailer below.

Tango Trailer 1, released today.

The game trailer above was created using the Unreal Engine 4, an open-source game engine.

The trailer above is one of many from Ubisoft Montreal that were made with Unreal Engine 3, which Lasseter says is the “most powerful game engine in the world.”

Lassi also talked about the importance of using modern techniques to achieve a cinematic experience.

“One of the things that we try to do is make the best trailer we can for the game,” Lassi said.

The reason that’s so important is because of how the audience reacts to a game trailer, and how people react to trailers is something that has been changing since the 90s.

“You know, there was a lot more of an emphasis on making movies,” Lasses said.

So it’s important to keep that in perspective.

“If you have a movie that doesn’t really have a strong sense of what the audience wants to see, you’re probably going to be less successful than if you made a trailer based on what they want to see.”

Lasses also said that the trailer above does not necessarily show the game’s plot.

“That was kind of a misstep, I guess,” Lascetti said of making the trailer.

“It was the best we could do, so that’s the trailer that we made.”

That trailer is now available for download on the official Ubisoft Montreal website, which also includes a gallery of some of the trailers that have been made since its release.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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