Microsoft announced a new Matrix software product line with enterprise customers for a period of time.

The company will begin shipping the new line to customers this coming June, Microsoft said in a blog post today.

Microsoft Matrix is designed for business customers, with some of the features that make it a great choice for organizations looking to deploy the latest and greatest enterprise software on their cloud infrastructure.

The new product line includes the Matrix Security Enterprise Edition, which offers support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Exchange Online, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Access, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics Web Services.

Microsoft Matrix is also the first product line in Microsoft’s ever-growing product portfolio, and the first Matrix product to ship to customers on the Windows Azure platform.

Microsoft also announced that it will release the Matrix Platform for Enterprise and Matrix for Enterprise Enterprise Education.

Microsoft is rolling out new products to the enterprise market in addition to providing security and automation solutions to customers.

Microsoft will also launch a new product series to address the needs of customers that want to work on their own.

For more on the latest Microsoft announcements, check out The Next Tech blog.

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