NEW YORK — New York’s New York Ranger and Montreal Canadiens are among the teams to announce the signing of Clove products, the league announced Wednesday.

Clover, the only one of two products that was developed in conjunction with the NHL, is a proprietary blend of three essential oils.

It’s the only product the two teams are permitted to use in their play and the first product the teams have sold in the NHL.

The products are available in 20 NHL stores, with each offering a range of flavors.

Each flavor comes with its own scent and packaging.

The Clove line is available in flavors including lemonade, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry and coconut.

“The Clove brand is unique in the way it represents the natural, clean, and wholesome flavor of herbs, roots and plants that were once used for medicinal purposes,” said Clove’s vice president of global marketing, Andrew Laskaris.

“Our goal is to promote healthy eating and the environment with our products.

Our goal is simple: to help the consumer discover the best natural, wholesome food available.”

Clove products are sold by the brand’s official website,, and on the Clove retail store at its New York and Montreal stores.

The company also operates a website and social media channels, as well as its own merchandise and distribution platform,

Clove is also available at the NHL Shop and online through select retailers and retailers.

Laskaris said that Clove will continue to sell in the United States.

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