Tidal, the streaming music service owned by Google, is hiring a Product Architect for a new product architecture team, the company announced Tuesday.

Tidal is seeking engineers with experience in product architecture and product design, the announcement said.

The Product Architecture position will be located in the Product Management team, responsible for designing product architecture to maximize the value of each product line on Tidal.

Tidal also announced a brand new product product architecture initiative in October, which includes a new Tidal product design team led by a new Product Architect.

The Product Architecture role will be responsible for building product design and design architecture.

This will include the development of new product architectures, product designs, product concepts, and product testing and product engineering.

Tisha Hsu, VP Product at Tidal said in a statement, “Product Architecture is the next frontier in product design.

We want to build a product that is both innovative and easy to use.

Our new Product Architecture initiative aims to create a product architecture that’s both easy to navigate and easy for our customers to use, and helps us accelerate the pace of innovation.”

Tidal also recently added new product and marketing teams to help with product development, including a new brand new Product Management department led by Tisha Hsieh, VP of Product Strategy and Development.

Tina Fung, VP Customer Experience, said in an email, “Tidal’s product team has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years.

Tisha’s team is a huge asset to the team, and we are thrilled to have them join our team.

Their passion for product and product innovation is evident, and their passion for Tidal and the Tidal community are contagious.

I am confident that this new Product Marketing department will make Tidal a leader in the industry.”

The Product Architect will report directly to the Product Manager and will work closely with Tisha and the Product Design team.

The new product design department will also lead product design design and product development.

Tune into the Tides on Thursday for the company’s annual Tidal Music Summit, which will bring together a small group of musicians to discuss music, technology, and music business.

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