Automation is a fast-growing part of modern business, with the number of automated production lines rising by a staggering 50 per cent a year, with BMW expecting that by 2020 it will have an automated production plant.

But it has taken longer than expected to achieve this goal, with its plant in Künigsberg, near Munich, having to wait two years to begin production.

BMW has said the automaker will now produce a “significant” number of the car’s models in its new plant in Austria.

The new plant will not be the largest, with 1,500 to 1,800 workers at the moment, but it is expected to have an annual capacity of between 100,000 and 150,000 vehicles.

The company says it expects to have a production line of 100,0000 vehicles by the end of 2020.

Automated production line In a video released by the company on Wednesday, Mr Roesler said the company had been building up its supply chain since 2016, and it had “taken a lot of time to get to where we are now”.

BMW says it has been “working hard” on the automaking line, and is now “trying to reduce the time it takes to make the car” and “make the production line more efficient”.

BMW has built up its production line at its new factory in Kudriwend, near Cologne, Germany, for almost two years, with some of the parts already being built and shipped to other plants.

The factory will only have about 100 workers at present, but Mr Riesler said he expected to eventually build it up to more than 150, if not more.

“We are working hard to get the assembly line up to about 500 people,” he said.

The plant’s output is expected “to reach around 100,00 vehicles” in 2020.

The car will be produced at a facility in Königsberg.

Automation at BMW In December 2017, BMW announced that it was going to build a new manufacturing plant in the southern German city of Königberg, in partnership with the government of the state of Saxony.

It is expected that the new factory will produce cars such as the M3 and M3 Convertible.

The BMW M4 will be built at the factory in Bavaria.

In 2018, BMW also announced it would be investing €3 billion in its production plant in Munich.

The German automaker had planned to build its new BMW factory in the state capital Munich, but was forced to cancel plans due to the Brexit vote.

“The situation in Germany is not good,” Mr Rysler said on Wednesday.

“In the event of a similar situation, we will not build here anymore.”

The new factory was first announced in 2015, but the plans were delayed after it emerged that the state-owned German automakers Volkswagen and Daimler were seeking to buy out the former.

The deal fell through in 2021, but BMW has been working on a replacement for a factory in Frankfurt for some time.

Mr Riedler said that BMW had already spent more than €10 billion on its factory in Germany, and was now “working on a new factory for 2020”.

BMW also said it would invest around €4 billion on new factories in the United States, China, India and the Middle East.

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