The Surface Pro 4 is one of the most anticipated and coveted pieces of hardware on the market and Microsoft is expected to unveil the device this week.

While the device will be Microsoft’s first flagship device in more than a decade, we have some new details on what Microsoft is planning for the device.

In an interview with TechRadar, Microsoft chief marketing officer Paul Thurrott said that the company has some new features for the Surface Pro.

The device will include a “new” form factor, but the company won’t reveal much about it yet.

The new device is “really unique” in its design, said Thurrotti.

Thurrotta said that Microsoft’s Surface Pro line will be “very diverse” and that it will include “a new form factor.”

Thurrott also said that while the Surface PRO 4 will be a “flagship” device, Microsoft is not looking to make it a top-of-the-line device.

Instead, Microsoft has planned to include “really great” performance and productivity features for users.

Microsoft is also planning to “make the Surface a great tablet,” Thurrot said.

This new Surface Pro means that Microsoft is targeting the “premium” consumer market, which means that the device won’t feature the Windows RT OS, which is the most popular desktop OS.

Thurrosoft also said Microsoft is going to focus on making the Surface tablet a “tablet” instead of a tablet with a keyboard.

Thurroptt also added that Microsoft will be using “a completely different approach” to pricing for the tablet.

Thurroptt said Microsoft will also offer “really good” Windows Phone 8 devices, but that the Surface device will not support Windows Phone 7.

Thurrowtt said the Surface will support Windows 8, but not the Microsoft Surface tablet, as Microsoft will not release the device until later this year.

Microsoft will “offer a very competitive price” for the new Surface, but Thurrotsoft didn’t say what the price will be.

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