When Nvidia and its partners were first developing its first high-end graphics chips, it had to make them at its own factory.

Now it’s on a similar path as Tesla and Apple are building their own production lines for its electric vehicles.

Nvidia, a California-based company that makes graphics chips for mobile and PC gaming and other devices, is making chips that use chips manufactured by ARM Holdings Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. as a base for building its own chips.

It will use those chips to create its own high-performance graphics cards and other products.

Apple and Tesla won’t allow their own companies to make chips for the high-tech company’s products.

Tesla won an important patent battle against Qualcomm in 2013 that led to the U.S. government ordering the company to cease selling iPhones.

But Apple and Tesla aren’t required to make the chips.

Apple declined to comment on the development.

The Apple-Nvidia partnership could make the two companies more valuable partners, but Nvidia said it won’t release its own graphics chips until it has built up production capacity at its factory in California.

That would make it easier for Apple to buy more of Nvidia’s chips in the future, which could lead to more competitive prices.

Nissan is also considering building its next-generation Nissan Leaf, a battery-electric car.

Nissan and its suppliers will manufacture the Leaf at its plant in Tennessee.

Nokia has also been interested in developing its own next-gen smartphone.

That could include chips for Nokia’s next-biggest product, the Lumia 820.

But Nokia’s chips are already made at its facilities in Finland.NordVPN

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