The use of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars is now prohibited in the sport.

The ban was put in place on October 6th, meaning electric cars must now use battery technology that is compatible with current regulations.

It was designed to ensure safety by ensuring that battery manufacturers could meet the standards set by the FIA and other regulatory bodies in terms of performance, safety and environmental impact.

However, the FIA’s own rules mean that manufacturers will have until 2021 to comply with the new regulations.

The governing body said that the change was made to ensure manufacturers had enough time to comply.

While the FIA has said that it will not implement the ban in 2021, the new ban is expected to come into effect as soon as 2019.

Batteries are already prohibited from being used in Formula 1 cars and the cars’ owners, Mercedes and Ferrari, have been fighting the ban.

But the ban will be lessened to allow for the development of battery technology.

This means that the FIA will have to start working on battery technology which has been designed and developed in-house.

With the development and use of batteries in Formula One, they have a greater degree of control and can make improvements which could be used to reduce their use in electric vehicles.

And the FIA says that the ban has been an important step in addressing the risks of electric vehicles and the potential for the battery to cause harm.

“This is an important first step in reducing the risks associated with the use of battery in electric motor vehicles,” said the FIA.

Formula E has also been trying to attract more and more manufacturers to join the series.

A recent poll showed that 65% of the public are in favour of electric racing, with another 12% saying they would prefer to see the sport continue to be held by private interests.

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