Kanban is a project management tool for software developers, but Google is planning to start deploying it in production soon.

The search giant confirmed to The Next Week that it is “developing” a Kanban production system to build kanban apps on its own.

Kanban, a project-management tool for developers that provides easy-to-use templates, tools, and documentation for developers, will be available to developers and end users soon.

A Google engineer told The Next Monday that Kanban was not an “official” product by Google, and that the tool is not ready to use yet.

Google’s Kanban will be a “very flexible tool” that can be used for both the frontend and backend of the app.

A product manager for Google’s Project Managers team said the company is planning for the project to be fully integrated with Google Docs, which is one of the biggest cloud data stores on the planet.

Google Doc is Google’s collaboration tool that allows developers to create and manage projects.

The company said it will integrate Kanban in its own products and in Google Doc itself.

The plan is for Kanban to become the default tool in Project Manager, which allows developers the ability to share their projects with their colleagues.

Google plans to start making use of Kanban within the next two months, according to the engineer.

“We’re going to use Kanban more for our internal team as well as for external teams,” said the engineer, who declined to be identified.

“The Kanban app will be made available in the next couple of months.”

Kanban also supports Google Doc, which will make it easier for Google to share projects with external teams.

Kanbarb, Google’s internal product manager, confirmed to TNW that the Kanban team is planning Kanbarbs in the future, as well.

“At the moment we have Kanbar Baskets, Kanbar Tables, KanBar Data, and Kanbar Notes, all of which we’re going on track to make available for use by external teams in the coming months,” she said.

“A lot of these things are just placeholder ideas.

We’re definitely thinking about adding more of them as time goes on.”

Google’s Product Manager for KanbarB said the project is not a final product.

“It’s still very early in development, but we’re really excited to bring this tool to life in the cloud,” said Product Manager Matt Mathers.

“Its very likely that the initial release will be quite different from the final product.”

Google has been working on its cloud-based Kanban for some time.

The Kanban software was originally developed for the internal Google App Engine, but was later ported to the Google Cloud Platform and later used by Google Doc.

The tool has been available on the Google cloud for several years now.

Google said in a blog post last month that it was also working on a Kanbar app for internal use.

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