Posted March 09, 2019 03:31:31 The new cars will be manufactured in a modular system, and it will come with some very fancy features, like an automatic emergency braking system, electric power steering, and more.

They will also come with a new electric steering system and a new steering rack.

They have been called the world’s first modular production line.

The modular production system was designed to meet the demands of the industry, according to the company.

It’s being used for a range of automotive products, including a new vehicle, a new sport utility vehicle, an electric powertrain, and even a hybrid car.

The company is now testing the modular production model with its own production line in Germany, where the first cars are being built.

A full production line is set to begin in 2019.

Modern production line with all new features is expected to be ready by 2019 in the US and Canada.

This new modular system will be used to produce vehicles in 2020.

“The modular system is not a factory-made vehicle,” said Steve O’Connor, VP of North America at Ford.

“We’re bringing a new way of doing things, a modular platform, and we think it will be really powerful.”

The company said it will also be building a new range of electric vehicles, including one that will be built by Tesla Motors.

The modular platform will also allow the company to make smaller vehicles, like the XC and Energi, which are already on sale.

The production line also has some fancy gadgets.

It will have an auto-dimming feature, which can be activated by pressing the brake pedal, which will allow you to quickly adjust the lights on the road.

The company is also looking into using artificial intelligence in future vehicles.

The autonomous system will have sensors that can detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.

It will also have a new automated parking feature that allows you to park in the middle of a parking space and wait for the car to pull out.

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