In the summer of 2019, the new owner of the former American Express building on Michigan Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, who is now known only as “B” and has never been named publicly, was looking to expand into a bigger and better thing.

So he hired a small but very well-known sports book to build the new team of his dream: The Sporting Goods Store.

The new store is in a building that had been vacant for several years when, a couple years ago, it housed the American Express Building.

It was vacant for three years before being bought for $1.2 billion by a Chinese company in a deal that was done with the New York City Housing Authority, or HHA.

“The goal was to get in as quickly as possible,” said Bill Wiles, the former owner of The Sporting Bible and the owner of American Express Sports, which is now owned by the New Jersey-based WPP Group.

Wiles has a team of 30 employees, a mix of employees from the local area and from the other sports book in the area, and a staff of 20-25 people, mostly local.

“We’ve got the same core team as we did in previous years, except that we’ve been doing a little bit of an acquisition of our own,” he said.

The biggest asset in The Sporting Book store, aside from the space itself, is its signage.

It’s a huge billboard that’s been placed on the building’s exterior, with a large black banner in the window above the front door that reads “The Sporting Bible” and the number “5” that signifies the number of times you have read the book.

Wils said the banner was part of the deal to buy the building in 2019.

But he said the number 5 was added because he thought it was funny.

“I had the guy say ‘I just found out you’re the number five, you’re funny’ and it was a little tongue-in-cheek,” Wiles said.

In January of 2021, the team moved into its new location, at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Columbus Avenue.

“It’s just an amazing space,” said Wiles.

The space, which was designed by architect Michael Schulze, is just one of a few in the neighborhood that Wiles says is going to have a special meaning to the people who call Midtown home.

“If you look at the demographics of the area that it’s located in, it’s one of the places that the population of the neighborhood will grow,” he added.

“And the people of the community will be very excited about that.”

For example, in a community that has a population of nearly 40,000, the number 7 is one of more than 100 in that area.

The number 7 in the city is a sign of a good job, which could make the new Sporting Bible the biggest team in the history of the city.

The team is still working to expand the store’s reach.

Wile said that with a store like that, it can attract more sports fans to the area.

“That’s going to be a huge boost for our local sports community,” he noted.

And the owner said the goal is to eventually have a team in every major city in the country, including the ones that are not so close to each other.

Wigs said he is still hopeful that, once the team is in every city, the store will become a staple in the community.

“Hopefully by then we’ll have a store that people will remember,” he laughed.

“So I can think of the other great things about this store.”

For now, he said, the Sporting Bible is happy.

It has always been a place where he and his family have gone for the games.

Wig said he loves what the team has been able to do in that regard, and the store is now able to serve the area even more.

“Our customers really enjoy that, and I’m very proud of them for it,” he continued.

“They are a family.

It is a family business.

We all come together to celebrate the games, and we all really enjoy our time here at the Sporting Book.”

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