Posted April 02, 2019 05:31:38The world’s top graphics chip maker is now taking a different approach to its business.

The company is rebranding its product line as a line of graphics processors that don the same role as their predecessor.

The new line, known as the AMD FX-series, is the company’s first attempt to address a perceived gap in the graphics processing market.

It has some similarities to what AMD did for its Radeon line in the 1990s, when it had a different chip design.

That effort led to the company eventually producing graphics chips for video cards like the GeForce graphics processor and Radeon Pro graphics cards.

The AMD FX series of chips was originally intended to compete against Nvidia’s Nvidia GeForce 8 series and AMD’s Radeon HD series of graphics cards, which are based on the same architecture.

It also has a similar GPU architecture to Nvidia’s Titan and GeForce 8 graphics cards in the GeForce 8-series.

The FX series is expected to be more expensive than its predecessors, but AMD’s executives say it will be priced closer to Nvidia.

“When we announced the Radeon X series of products, it was an opportunity to put all of our chips into one product and have the same price tag,” John Hedden, senior vice president of global marketing and business development for AMD, said in an interview.

“But we saw the market as a whole changing and we realized that there are different markets for each of the chips and that was the impetus for this refresh.”

The FX-Series graphics processors will feature the same high-end parts that were previously available in the Radeon HD family of products.

They will feature 28nm manufacturing process technology, and they will also have higher clock speeds.

The chips will also feature a new feature known as GPU Boost, which AMD says will allow for increased performance for graphics cards that have more cores.

AMD is calling the new products the FX-Pro lineup, although Heddens says the company won’t be using that name at all.

It will be called the FX series, though Hedders said the company doesn’t plan to use the FX name at the launch.

Hedding said the new line will be available in November or December 2019.

It is expected that the new graphics chips will be sold in the third quarter of 2020.

AMD has made the move to rebrand the graphics processor business to try to increase its visibility in the marketplace.

Hengen said the brand change is a “good step forward” for AMD and it will help to drive demand for its products.

The move comes as the company looks to increase sales of its products in the market.

The decision to do so comes after the company reported earnings that beat analysts’ expectations.

AMD’s revenue rose to $1.05 billion in the fourth quarter, up from $1 billion in third quarter.

It beat analysts expectations by $500 million, or $2.05 per share, in the same quarter last year.

The rise in revenue was largely driven by its products, which were sold more than double the number of the year ago.

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