The new 3D printing platform is already popular among the ultra-rich.

Its makers, Marriott and its parent company, Marriott International, hope to tap into a global market where a 3-D printer can be manufactured and sold cheaply enough that it can be bought by anyone with a few key pieces of equipment.

That could mean a small-town hotel room, a home office or a small office building with no more than a few office computers.

The printer could be bought in bulk and then used to make an entire house, or a whole room.

The Marriotts could make such a printer cheaply enough to be mass-produced, and in fact, they have already made it.

Last month, they announced they had produced the first mass-production printer in their line of luxury homes in Singapore.

The printers are part of a broader technology revolution that will bring cheap, easy, low-power printers to millions of people.

It’s a global revolution that could be happening in your living room by the end of the decade.

There are many reasons why this is happening.

The printing revolution has changed how we buy, manufacture and use products.

We can now print a home and a fridge in just a few minutes, compared to weeks, if it had been years ago.

We have the computing power to make that machine work, and the data to help us.

There are also new applications for this technology.

You could make a bed, a sofa, a bed frame or even a TV set.

3D printers are already a big part of the furniture industry, but now the MarriotTS are targeting more and more of the home.

They are already making furniture that you can put into your home, and they are making furniture for the home, too.

There is a 3.5 billion-dollar global market for 3D printed furniture, and a big one.

The MarriotT are trying to fill it with a new range of products, and their strategy is to go after a segment that has been dominated by traditional furniture.

The new line of furniture, called the Marriott products, will be made using a different technology to that that is currently being used for the Marriots.

That means that the new furniture will be a little different from the ones that have been available to consumers before.

The company’s chief executive, David J. Marriott, says it is the first time that 3D technology has been used in furniture since the 1920s, but it is also the first such 3D printable product to be made in a consumer market.

The difference is that 3-Ds can be created in large batches, rather than a single, continuous process.

That can make it much easier for the manufacturer to produce smaller batches, which can reduce waste and reduce costs.

This is because, unlike a standard 2D printer, which prints one part at a time, a 3d printer can print a whole bunch of parts at once.

The next-generation 3D-printed furniture will also be more environmentally friendly, as the material it is made from will be recycled and disposed of in a manner that minimises the environmental impact of its production.

The price of a home The Marriott product will be sold through a partnership with Ikea, an Ikea division, which also makes furniture, which will offer Marriot products at significantly lower prices than Ikea.

Marriot will also offer the new product at a reduced price, compared with its existing products, compared for example to the $3,000 range that the Marrivans previously offered.

In a statement, Ikea said that it is committed to a sustainable future.

“The price of home furnishings has declined significantly over the past few decades, and this trend is not expected to stop anytime soon.

We believe that Ikea’s Ikea Home Furnishings line is a great example of how the company’s approach to sustainable manufacturing is able to deliver affordable and high quality home furnishing,” Ikea chief executive Klaus Kohn said.

But the cost of the new products will be higher than that of the existing products.

In the United States, the average price of new furniture has fallen by about 40% over the last five years.

In Europe, it has dropped by 25%.

And it will be cheaper to produce a Marriot product in the next few years than it is to make one in the present.

But in the United Kingdom, where the cost to produce an IkeA unit of furniture is about £800,000, the price is about the same as it was in 2011.

Marriots new range The Marriots latest product, the Mariott products, are expected to be in the range of £2,000 to £4,000.

This will be slightly cheaper than the existing IkeA products.

The line will offer the same range of features, but its price will be significantly lower.

There will be more room in the rooms, for example, and there will be no more space for

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