The retailer has released a new range of products to coincide with the UK’s birthday celebrations, including a range of coffee machines, espresso makers, drip coffee makers, and more.

The range includes the following machines, which will be available at the Keneris store, and will be priced at £9.99 each.

Kerco Keurig R2K3 Coffee Machine, £19.99Kercos Coffee Maker, £39.99Keurig K3-T Coffee Maker and Keurigan Keurigen Pro, £79.99The machine features a 12-hour battery life which can last up to four days, according to the company.

Keurigan K3 Coffee Maker 2, £49.99In addition to the coffee machines available at Keneras store, the company is also launching a range from its partner company, Kerco, which also includes a range to take on coffee drinkers.

The company says the Kerco Keeler Pro is the “ultimate Keurigaiser”, a machine that allows you to “create and mix your own blend of Keurigs and enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at home”.

The Kerco K3 Keelers also feature an array of accessories including a Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth remote, and a coffee cup holder.

The Keelero, which is available at £69.99, is a more advanced version of the Keeleros.

The KeelERO comes with a touchscreen interface and includes an 8-hour energy-saving timer.

The K3 is also available in a range which includes a portable Bluetooth keyboard.

This is the Kercos Coffee Machine 4, which has a 12 hour battery life, a USB charger, and comes with Bluetooth keyboard and remote.

This machine is a little more advanced than the Keurigi Keelerd Pro and includes a WiFi remote.

The Kercos K3 Pro Coffee Maker has an 8 hour battery and comes in a variety of different colors.

This unit has an extra large keyboard and can be configured with a Bluetooth remote for a more personalised experience.

The latest model is the Keerco K2C2, which comes with an extra 12 hours of battery life.

This new Keuriket Pro machine features an extra long battery and is available in an array with a touch screen.

This model is designed for users who prefer a more powerful machine with a more robust design.

The last Keuriches Keurige Pro features an 8hr battery and can also be paired with an additional Bluetooth keyboard or remote.

Kersco has been making coffee machines since 1985, with the first machines going on sale in 1987.

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