Shimano is working on a new product family that aims to replace the company’s existing fiber production line trainer.

The company announced the new line in a press release today.

The new trainer is based on the company ‘s new fiber production lines.

It’s aimed at making Shimano’s existing production lines easier to upgrade.

The Shimano fiber production trainer is the companys latest attempt to change the way it does business and it’s the first product to make use of a new technology called fiber-on-glass.

That’s the technology that Shimano used to create the production lines that make up the company s fiber production.

The new trainer uses a new fiber manufacturing process that has been developed with the help of 3D printing.

The trainer uses an adhesive that can be attached to the fiber that runs through the fiber line.

The adhesive is then used to attach the fiber to the frame and other parts of the bike.

The fibers have a 3D-printed surface that helps them bond with the aluminum frames.

The trainer uses Shimanos fiber production equipment and equipment and materials.

It also has some of Shimano s own technology and materials in the form of its new fiber-glass frames.

This is a major change for Shimano.

The company used to make its own frames for the trainer but that was years ago.

Now, it’s trying to build a product line that can take advantage of the new fiber technology that’s being introduced.

The fiber-based trainer was announced a few weeks ago.

Shimano previously released the fiber production machine that it used to build its current fiber production trainers.

Shimane is also developing a fiber-making system called the FIB.

This system uses Shimani s own fiber production technology and will be the successor to the FAB.

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