This article first appeared on Vice News.

Read the original article:Automated production lines and a whole host of other new technologies have made it easier for robots to automate jobs and help workers get paid.

That’s why companies like Apple are looking to automate a large swath of production.

But it’s also why automation can’t always be an automatic process.

The robots, while helpful, are often not able to match human workers with the necessary skills to accomplish the job.

And that’s where companies like Amazon and Walmart have stepped in.

The two major U.S. retail chains have developed a “superhuman” version of an automation system that allows workers to automate their work and pay them more.

They call it “smart contract.”

“We’re using these robots to make our own money,” said Tim O’Reilly, chief technology officer at Walmart.

“We’ve actually been able to get robots to do the repetitive tasks that a human might do for us, like doing inventory.

We’ve been able make money off of it.”

O’Reilly and other Walmart employees use this automation to make extra money, though they’re not exactly making money on it.

Rather, the machines are paying for the human labor that the workers don’t need to do their jobs.

That makes sense, O’Rieyso explained.

The robots that make money in the U.N. system are the ones that are in demand by U.K.-based retailers.

It’s why they’re called “superhumans.”

But the superhumans are paid much more than the humans, and they’re able to do more of the repetitive jobs.

O’Reeyso also noted that Walmart doesn’t make money directly off the robots, but rather on the labor that it pays them.

The company makes money through taxes on the robots’ income, and on the profits it generates from selling its merchandise.

In order to earn money, the robots need to be able to work efficiently.

To do this, they need a way to recognize when a human is ready to work and when they’re ready to stop working.

In some cases, this requires automation.

In its early days, robots were mostly just things that walked around and worked on the floor.

Over time, the technology has improved to make them able to operate more like a human and perform tasks with much more efficiency.

For example, a robot called the RoboBread can walk up to 20 feet in a single second, and it has a learning rate of about 80 percent.

A robot can now perform a task that would normally take a human six to eight minutes to complete.

The automation of the world’s largest retail companies has made it possible for them to pay the same workers more for their work.

The companies say this allows them to offer a better service to their customers and more profit to shareholders.

But these new robots can’t replace all human workers.

Walmart’s automation system is only available to a handful of workers.

In other words, it’s designed to help the robots do a better job.

In the United States, however, the companies are using automation to do a lot more than just pay the robots.

In the last decade, automation has also transformed many other areas of the economy.

The U. S. is seeing record-high unemployment and job losses in fields such as transportation, manufacturing, and even healthcare.

A report released by the National Association of Manufacturers in February 2017 revealed that the manufacturing industry lost nearly 4 million manufacturing jobs between January 2009 and December 2016.

The unemployment rate for manufacturing workers, meanwhile, hit 8.5 percent in November 2017.

In 2016, President Donald Trump said that he wanted to put more Americans to work in manufacturing.

But he’s not the only one who has proposed boosting the supply of manufacturing workers.

In fact, he’s proposed to increase the number of manufacturing jobs in the United State by 5 percent.

The reality of this reality is that these policies will only increase the supply and demand for the most vulnerable workers, who will end up in higher unemployment rates.

And when we have this supply problem, when we’re losing jobs to automation, that’s when we need a whole new way to address it.

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